The Caress Is a Letter of InstructionFrom Slope Editions:
The poems in Adrian Kien’s new collection comprise a poetic dialogue between a professional taxidermist, Rob, and his “trophy” wife, Robin. Language becomes tyrannical. At issue in these poems is the contrast between the concepts of freedom found in Nature and that of property, the consumption of Nature and the ownership of one’s self, one’s body, one’s language, one’s memory and experiences. These issues are relevant to our thinking about traditions, memories and property; anything that we think we own.

Available now on the Slope Editions website.

Or locally in Boise at Hyde Park Books.

Look Up, Chaos EditionsLook Up is a 32-page, full-color book of drawings by Kelly Packer and poetry by Adrian Kien. The book is a companion piece to an exhibition at Enso Artspace. The book features 10 beautifully reproduced images of oil bar drawings. Each piece is accompanied by a poem.

From the introduction by Adrian Kien:
“The poems and drawings are not supposed to be illustrations or explanations of each other. Instead they seek to inhabit a third space, something akin to a musician conducting a theremin. Lean in and you hear the tiny tapping of aphids crawling over tulip petals. Lean out and you see your body projected in x-rays.”

You can view all 10 pieces in the book at Kelly’s website:
The drawings in the book are square 12 x 12 inch pieces.

The book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches and has a soft-cover. The interior pages are printed on a luscious 100-lb paper. It is published by Chaos Editions (self-published) and is a limited-edition of 200. Each copy is numbered and signed by the authors.

The book is available on Etsy.

I participated in the Fence and 1913 AWP Reading Event at Mario’s Double Daughter Salotto in Denver, CO. Also on the bill were Macgregor Card, Bruce Covey, Ben Doller, Brandon Downing, Aaron Kunin, Richard Meier, Josie Sigler, Edwin Torres, Cathy Wagner and Lynn Xu.

Adrian Kien at Mouth and Thistle ReadingBoyd Ni Mouth and Thistle Reading

The Mouth and Thistle reading series hosted Boyd Ni and I. We read our new translations published by Free Poetry. Ni read his translations of Raul Zurita. I read my translations of Christian Prigent and selections from my recent project – 100 poems in 100 days.