Look Up, Chaos EditionsLook Up is a 32-page, full-color book of drawings by Kelly Packer and poetry by Adrian Kien. The book is a companion piece to an exhibition at Enso Artspace. The book features 10 beautifully reproduced images of oil bar drawings. Each piece is accompanied by a poem.

From the introduction by Adrian Kien:
“The poems and drawings are not supposed to be illustrations or explanations of each other. Instead they seek to inhabit a third space, something akin to a musician conducting a theremin. Lean in and you hear the tiny tapping of aphids crawling over tulip petals. Lean out and you see your body projected in x-rays.”

You can view all 10 pieces in the book at Kelly’s website: http://www.kellypacker.com/portfolio/art_work_by_series/category/look-up/
The drawings in the book are square 12 x 12 inch pieces.

The book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches and has a soft-cover. The interior pages are printed on a luscious 100-lb paper. It is published by Chaos Editions (self-published) and is a limited-edition of 200. Each copy is numbered and signed by the authors.

The book is available on Etsy.